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Discover Yourself in Nature

Reclaiming time for true self care through nature experiences

When you spend more time in nature, you:

~ Restore energy, creativity and focus

~ Deepen your connection with yourself and others

~ Improve your mood, memory and concentration

~ Release feelings of stress and overwhelm

The Personal Nature Project online course will help you develop a strong nature practice in your own life. Through a series of six lessons, you will reflect on the meaning of nature in the context of personal discovery.

Each lesson tees up an assignment that will help you experience nature through a variety of hands-on projects.

The course is designed for adults in all stages of life and with all ability levels. Whether you want to stay close to home and tend a container garden or travel the world to experience more of its natural beauty, it will help you set your own Personal Nature Project goals.

Your instructor, Amy Atwell, developed this course out of a deep love for nature, wildlife and wild places. She has found deeper meaning in life and a sense of peace every time she goes outside to connect with the natural world. Her passion is supporting others in deepening their connection to nature as they explore their personal paths toward self-discovery and mental well-being.