nature at any age

The benefits of nature at any age

My mom has had this quote from Mark Twain on her wall ever since I was small: “Age is a matter of the mind. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” As I continue to age myself, I of course appreciate that quote more than ever, and part of my mission is to encourage people to enjoy nature at any age. 

Limits and Possibilities

My husband, son and I recently returned from a two-night backpacking trip (my first!). As I was talking about that trip in an online group, one woman told me that she doesn’t camp anymore because of her age. She’s 75 and her husband is 78. However, she said they still go on short hikes. 

During the course of our backpacking hike, we encountered people of all ages. Our son, age 7, was one the youngest, but we did see several other children as well. We also passed people well into their 80s who were on the trail for a day hike. Most notably, we passed a grandmother with her teenaged granddaughter who backpacked in and camped for one night. 

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spend more time in nature

Want to spend more time in nature? Start small.

I spoke to a woman yesterday who said, “I want to spend more time in nature, but I don’t know where to begin.” I think many people can relate to her experience, and many factors can contribute to us not pursuing a nature practice. 

For me, the natural world has always been a part of daily life, and I feel negative effects if I don’t spend time in nature. Although life can get in the way sometimes, I made a commitment several years ago to spend part of each day outdoors. Sometimes that means a long hike or camping trip, but often it means a walk around my neighborhood or time in my garden. 

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Discover Your Wild Life 

Welcome to your wild life. Part of our mission is to help adults reconnect with the sense of awe and adventure they felt as children, and I can think of no better way to do that than to explore nature in all its glory. 

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